How To Play

Order $120 or more from VapeVale to qualify for the Dec 21st lottery

  1. This event will run from Dec 8 - 20.

  2. Customers that order $120 or more from VapeVale will qualify to participate in a lottery Dec 21st.

  3. Lottery winners will be drawn randomly from customers that qualify to participate.

  4. Prizes for the Lottery are as follows:

    a. 1x RedMagic 5G Hot Rod Red 8GB RAM and 128GB memory

    b. 2x Free Orders

    c. 3x RELXPods x 5 packs

    d. 5x RELXPods x 3 packs

  5. Lottery winners will be announced on Dec 21st.

  6. VapeVale reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any point during the event.

  7. Private information collected by VapeVale from the event will not be leaked or shared with any third parties.

Lottery Winners

Winners please pay attention to your mailbox, we will contact you within 3 working days to tell you the details of how to get your prize.

RedMagic 5G Hot Rod Red

  • marietta.osi****

Free Order

  • issac85h****
  • jshi****

RELXPods x 5 packs

  • 80575****
  • yij****
  • wuhao.nj****

RELXPods x 3 packs

  • ben.son****
  • xiangjun.****
  • faiza_chowd****
  • lindajay****
  • joann****